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2020 was a Hard Year for So Many

Gina Lindquist

2020 was a hard year for so many and the struggle continues into 2021. Covid-19 not only presents a major health threat for many, but the resulting lockdowns have created financial instability and growing concerns for our economic future both individually and globally.

We all must draw on strength of family and find faith in something greater than ourselves to pull us through. But what about those that don’t have that? Those whose families were already torn apart by the effects of substance abuse. What about the user, trapped in a cycle of shame so deep, they’re convinced that even God doesn’t care enough to help them?

According to an article from the website,, “The ongoing global pandemic, government lockdowns, job loss, financial stress and lack of access to support resources have contributed to increased problems with substance abuse and addiction.

During 2020, both fatal and nonfatal overdoses have increased this year when compared to 2019. Experts from the University of Michigan believe the pandemic has created several socioeconomic and emotional stressors. Also, the social distancing and feeling of isolation has contributed to a lack of support for those in recovery. Countless addicts across the country are at risk for relapse and overdose and did not have access to proper support”. (M.G. Dats.)

Addiction is not an individual disease. It affects entire families which contributes to community breakdowns and exacts billions of dollars in cost nationwide due to crime, lost work productivity and healthcare.

As a recovered alcoholic, God put the desire in my heart years ago, to help others like someone helped me. Despite what is presently going on in the world, the mission remains the same. Families and communities are suffering and while we may not be able to control a virus we can’t see; we can offer hope and help to our neighbors that we can see.

Would you help us? @Passion Ministries is committed to helping women break free from addiction and find healing for themselves and their families. Our plan is to open a recovery house for women, here in Indian river County. If you would like to be a part of this project, or you want more information, please contact me directly either by phone or email.

If you would like to donate, you can make checks payable to Passion Ministries Inc @ PO Box 781122, Sebastian Fl 32978.

You can also email or text us and we can send you a gift link.

Thank you for your support and I pray you see God’s favor even during these uncertain times.

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