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My name is Gina Lindquist. I am a 18-year recovered alcoholic. I was a single Mom when I chose sobriety. Convicted of a DUI, I was left broke, without a job, or a license. I recommitted my life to God He showed me His love and grace by restoring my life and my family. I had spent most of my adult life trapped by addiction as a result of childhood emotional and physical abuse but today, with the support of loving people and an understanding of how God sees me, I have found healing and wholeness. At 46, I returned to college for an Associates Degree in Human Services and in 2016 I graduated from Charis Bible College with a Bachelor’s degree in Theological Studies, and a license in ministry. My greatest passion is to help other women break free from the lies that lead to addiction and find healing and restoration for themselves and their families.

I  Founded  Passion Ministries Inc. an organization whose  purpose is to restore hope and bring healing to women who are suffering from addiction or other destructive behaviors. We do this by redirecting their lives to an understanding of the God who created them in His image and loves them unconditionally. God through His great love for us, sent His son Jesus, to give us new life and an identity based on what He has made us to be. This knowledge provides the hope we need to break chains, heal hearts and restore lives and families. In these teaching videos, I share  truths from the Word of God that explain, who we are in Christ and why we are more than conquerors, because He loves us.( Romans 8:37)These revelations have taken me from “broken to beautiful” and I know they can do the same for you. God Bless you and thanks for watching!





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    "Do you know who you really are?" - Announcement

    God's Love for You

    For God so loved the world and for God so loved you! Fully understanding the extent of God's love towards you is foundational for understanding our identity in Christ.



    In Christ, God sees us Holy and without blame. Do you see yourself this way? Acknowledging this truth is the next important step in understanding our identity in Christ.

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