Passion Ministries Mission & Vision


Our desire is to create a safe residential group home, where women who suffer from addiction can recover physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Currently, there is nothing like this in either Indian River or Brevard County, but the need is great. women who want to overcome their addiction need a safe and stress free  place to abstain from their substance and focus on healing and recovery. They need to learn new coping skills, maybe finish their education, or find job placement.

Most of all, they need an environment where they are loved and accepted as they are while also given the motivation to be all that they were created to be. This will not be a half-way house, but a recovery house, with a structured environment and 24-hour supervision. It will be donor supported, so that no women are turned away because of finances.

Through faith-based recovery teaching, educational programs, and peer support, they will learn to serve others as they are served, make healthy life choices and be productive in their individual gifts and talents. The end goal is spiritual wholeness which will produce an understanding of their value in the eyes of God. Through this we can see families restored and communities strengthened.



On an average, 3 out of 4 women released from jail due to alcohol or drug related charges, will end up back in jail.

This is largely due to the lack of affordable treatment options that allow the time and support that they need to focus on their recovery. Relapses are common and can lead to long term incarceration, institutionalization and even death.  An even larger threat now is the increase of global slavery that has become a multi-billion-dollar criminal industry.  Women released from jail  with no means of support make easy prey for the sex traffickers through promises of food, shelter and/or companionship. Addiction has destructive consequences that reach far beyond just the individual involved. Aside from the mental anguish experienced by the family and loved ones, broken homes and neglected children are a common side effect. This can lead to increased criminal activity, damage to local businesses and impoverished communities.

90% of recoveries fail when people try to do it on their own, but there is an 84% chance of success with an inpatient program of over 30 days.  The right environment of addiction education, peer support, spiritual healing and life skill training offers women hope for a new life. This is the goal of Passion Ministries; to provide freedom from addiction that will restore families, strengthen communities and improve the quality of life here in Brevard county and beyond.