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This story is about a King and His people.  The King had unlimited resources and was a loving and generous.  He wanted others to benefit from what he had so he opened up a bank account in each of their names.  In that account he deposited an infinite amount of money.  It was designed to replenish upon request and never run out of funds.

Some people when told about the bank account, decided that they wanted no part of it. They figured that they were doing just fine without it and they didn’t want to have an obligation towards the King because of the funds.  Others heard stories that the King was mean and wanted them to suffer and figured it was just too good to be true.


Some people were happy when they heard about the account. but they left so much unused.  The reasons for this varied. Some took sparingly because they didn’t really believe it was unlimited and they lived in fear that someday it would run out. Some felt uncomfortable taking the money because they didn’t do anything to earn it. Some found that the withdrawal process interfered with other things that they wanted to do.  Others although grateful it was there, just never felt worthy of this gift, so they only used it in desperation.


But some took a chance though and went and drew out all that they thought they wanted.  After taking care of their needs, then went to the King and thanked him.  He urged them to go back, that there was so much more.  At first they were doubtful, but they went back and sure enough there was more.  They went back and thanked the King again, this time  they stayed for a while, talking and getting to know Him.  Again the King urged them to draw from the funds. In time, their needs all being met, they became a people that everyone talked about. They were so happy and peaceful that others wanted to know why and because they were grateful, they eagerly told them.  To convince them, they started giving away their funds and this inspired  a lot of people to  start drawing from their own bank accounts.  The King was getting more and more visitors every day, people coming to thank him and many staying to dine. He urged them to continue to use the resources because it gave him great pleasure and he had plenty. He also told them to spread the word to the other kingdoms out there that if they made him King, he would do the same for them.

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