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Gina LindquistMy name is Gina Lindquist, and I am the Founder and President of Passion Ministries Inc. located here in Indian River County Florida. I am also a graduate of Charis Bible College, class of 2016.  I formed this organization to minister to women whose lives and families have been devastated by alcohol or drug addiction.

This vision was put in my heart 15 years ago when I was given a second chance at life. Everyone on my team knows someone who has experienced the damaging effects that addiction can cause to friends, family members and even communities and we are committed to providing a solution for this.

The program that we are outlining will help women break the bonds of addiction by redirecting their lives to an understanding of the grace that was given to them through Jesus Christ.

I am a 15-year recovered alcoholic. I was a single Mom when I chose sobriety. Convicted of a DUI, I was left broke, without a job, or a license. I cried out to God when I had no other options and He showed me His love and grace by restoring my life and my family. I had spent most of my adult life trapped by addiction as a result of childhood emotional and physical abuse but today, with the support of loving people and an understanding of how God sees me, I have found healing and wholeness.

At 46, I returned to college for an associate degree in Human Services.  I now have a bachelor’s degree in Theological Studies, and I am a licensed Minister. My greatest passion is to help other women break free from the lies that lead to addiction and find healing and restoration for themselves and their families.

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